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We created Diwali Silhouettes for the hundreds of millions of people in the world who celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights.

Featuring over 20 super-colorful stickers, Diwali Silhouettes is a fun way to send greetings to friends and loved ones when you can’t celebrate with them in person.

The fresh and contemporary hand-illustrated designs brighten anyone's day, whether you're sending them to your neighbor or to your mom back home, halfway across the world.

Diwali Silhouettes Illustrations

Hand Drawn Illustrations

Each sticker was illustrated by hand and then finished digitally to ensure sharp rendering on high-resolution screens and monitors.

Diwali Silhouettes Design

Contemporary Design

We find that most of the celebratory Diwali memes, digital cards and media on the Internet is, well... a bit cheesy! So we followed a more contemporary and simplified approach for our Diwali stickers.

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