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Continental Mathematics League (CML) began in 1980 as a small family-run operation providing contests to schools as a way of supplementing their existing programs. They have grown steadily over the last four decades and now work with thousands of schools, both domestic and international.

We partnered with CML to fully modernize their business and logistical process chain from start to finish, transitioning them from pen-and-paper to a completely automated website and fulfillment system.

Their new digital platform leverages contemporary technology to serve many thousands of registered customers who can now purchase tests online, download them instantly when they are published, directly input results online, and view standings and awards immediately upon posting.

The new systems we implemented led to a dramatic increase in revenue and freed up staff so they could attend to customer service needs rather than engage in repeated manual tasks.

CML Interactive Charts

Interactive Charts

When presenting test results for hundreds of schools, there is a risk that users feel drowned and overwhelmed by data, so we implemented interactive charts that present large amounts of information in a clear and easily digestible manner.

CML Simplified Shopping Cart

Simplified Shopping Cart

For over three decades, CML's customers had been ordering via mail-in paper forms and so it was incumbent upon us to make sure the transition to digital was smooth and seamless. The website's simplified, non-cluttered shopping cart uses large fonts and clear buttons to ensure ordering is unencumbered and frictionless.

CML Forms

Clear Forms

The website's User Interface (UI) was of prime importance as many users would have limited experience inputting extensive amounts of information online. The forms throughout the site are clear, easy to read and offer non-ambiguous feedback along the complete data entry process.

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