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Okeanos Technologies was formed to develop a next-generation, ultra-efficient desalination technology to address our planet's chronic and increasingly alarming fresh water shortages.

The brand identity we created reflects the company’s application of high technology to the challenges of providing clean water for an ever-growing world population.

Given the technical nature of their work, the website was designed to feature short, easy-to-digest summaries atop each page, with CTA trigger buttons that open more detailed explanations, infographics and charts.

Okeanos Technologies Branding


A simple water drop. But with a clear indication that something a lot more high tech is going on. The logomark is at once recognizable and unique, while conveying the company's mission and approach.

Okeanos Technologies Branding


Custom illustrations throughout the website highlight key aspects of the water shortage problem and help convey technically complex information in a visually accessible manner.

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